Taking SMEs from 6 figures to 8 figures in 5 years

Management Consultancy working with SMEs to Scale Up their businesses and Accountants to build Advisory services for their clients through our Non Executive Director and Board Advisory services. We have clearly defined processes and methodology for developing and growing businesses and Advisory services. Our specialist knowledge is in Organisational Structure; Change Management and Marketing Strategy and as such, we look at organisations differently to most Consultancies; which sets us apart.

We work with business owners who want to grow their business for value creation who are possibly embarking on a change in the organisation; such as retirement; succession; preparing for a sale; looking for investment through Private Equity or Venture Capital; Financing; acquiring another business; merging or restructuring.

Business owners need help in being able to work on their business rather than working in their business; to enable real growth and value. A Non Executive Director can help them to put measures in place to drive performance, accelerate profitability and sustainable growth, by being objective about issues. Big picture stuff. Seeing things that internal executives don’t because they are too close to the day to day.

We help you to identify key drivers that will enable the business to scale up. As the business develops through its lifecycle it will need help in creating an Organisational structuring to enable growth by planning through diversification, restructuring or aligning the business with a range of strategies for future growth.

We will hold the executive team to account; guide; challenge and support them by ensuring there is a diverse group of people on the board (as needed) with different backgrounds and experience. This will allow us to formulate growth strategies and drive performance through financial and activity based KPI’s to accelerate performance and value.

Business Advice - The Business Strategist

Call or virtual meeting

Book a call to discuss any business strategy that you are developing to ensure you have considered all your options and to get a second opinion. What you do post covid-19 will have a substantial impact on your financial well being and sustainability, I am here to ensure you have considered everything first.

Any Day

I have set aside time completely free of charge to assist SMEs to develop their strategies or to talk through problems they may be having in their business but don’t know who to ask.

Ask me how to grow your business

Ask me how best to develop a diversification, acquisition or exit strategy and if what you are considering will work for you without wasting valuable time and money by getting an independent view.

Get an unbiased view

You will already have people who advise you on financial matters, however I am offering you a second opinion before you commit yourself for the long term or you just want someone who is completely unbiased and who does not have a vested interest.

You will never receive any communication from me after the meeting unless you ask me to.  All advice given is without obligation and completely confidential.

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Partner Program

Progressive Partners are those Professionals and SMEs who want to work collaboratively to create relationships that fit their existing Growth Strategy. You want to grow your firm/business and we’re in the growth business. Our program is for you, whether you’re an established firm/business or just starting out.

As Affiliate partners you will have mutual clients and customers that would benefit from new opportunities, or add a strategic component to your firm/business. We will facilitate this through the program even if we do not currently have a Partner who can assist you

Benefits of being a Partner


  • Free to Partner
  • Introduction Incentives
  • Client Introductions
  • Co-Marketing
  • Partner Networking
  • White-labelling
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Website back-links
  • Insights


  • Free to Partner
  • 10% off Progressive Academy
  • Customer Introductions
  • Professional Connections
  • Partner Networking
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Website back-links
  • Director Briefings

Progressive Advisory Board

The Progressive Advisory Board is by invitation only and it represents a forum where our most strategic partners can share and explore strategies that drive growth, discuss challenges for business and enable affiliates to benefit from business opportunities. 

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