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Our Services

We specialise in working with SMEs whose turnover is up to £6m in any sector or industry that want to scale up their business and our clearly defined processes and methodology for developing and growing businesses will create real value.

Together we help you to identify key drivers that will enable the business to scale up and formulate growth strategies to drive performance, accelerate profitability and achieve sustainable growth through financial and activity based KPI’s.

Raising Finance

We are an independent Commercial Finance Brokerage with direct access to 27 lenders alongside 120 more for when they are not quite right. This means you can be confident that we have the widest choice available to meet your individual needs.

Growth Accelerator

Growth Accelerator enables SMEs the opportunity to manage their cash flow in order to maximise financial performance. It is designed to help SMEs to get the most out of their cash flow and to effectively grow the business.

Non Executive Director

We work with business owners who genuinely want to grow their business for value creation. We help you to identify key drivers that will enable the business to scale up.

Progressive Academy

The Progressive Academy is specifically for High Growth Businesses or those that have Scale Up potential; this can also include Start Ups. 

Corporate Finance

Companies can take up to 3 years to sell and only 1 in 16 are sold within the first 12 months, therefore it is essential that your company is ready to achieve the best price possible.

Building Advisory

We work with Accountancy firms that predominantly work with owner managed businesses, who offer a range of Compliance services for their clients; that want to develop Advisory services to enhance their fees and profitability.

Business Advice - The Business Strategist

Book your free strategy call

Book a call to discuss any business strategy that you are developing to ensure you have considered all your options and to get a second opinion. What you do will have a substantial impact on your financial well being and sustainability, I am here to ensure you have considered everything first.

Insights for businesses

9 Tips – More clients

ccountants can attract their ideal clients by following some easy steps, if done with a specifically targeted strategy; you will attract more profitable work regularly.

1-Plan on Growth

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Accountants guide to Thought Leadership

Thought leadership showcases commercial instinct beyond standard transactional work, and initiates new conversations with clients. 55% of clients say they are operating in a riskier business environment. As a result, they are keen to tap into the wealth of knowledge and insight among professional advisers to get a better steer on the issues, risks and opportunities impacting their business.

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Progressive Partner Program