Structuring deals and building Advisory Services

Accountancy has been evolving in the last few years where the services you provide need to reflect the needs of your clients beyond the compliance services. Advisory services are being recommended by your regulators as a way to adapt for the future sustainability of your firms.

We have experience of developing strategies and Building Advisory for Accountancy firms to create and monetise their Advisory services. We can show you how to build your offering and to develop high value services such as Corporate Finance, either on a white label or outsourced basis.

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Call or virtual meeting

Accountants book a call to discuss what you need to consider when building Advisory services for your clients. Whatever you do will have a substantial impact on your financial well being and sustainability. I will help you to ensure you have considered your options and help you with the best way forward.  Advisory services are the future of your profession and you do not want to get left behind.

Any Day

I have set aside time to assist Accountancy firms to develop their Advisory service and how to implement their strategy to ensure you create a valuable additional income stream that will lead to more profitable work.  I believe that each firm should develop bespoke services to tailor for their clients requirements.

How to develop Advisory services?

Ask me about how to develop Advisory services for your clients and how to monetise your solution and if what you are considering will work for you without wasting valuable time and money by getting an experienced independent view.

Get an unbiased view

You may already be offering some services, however you have not been charging for your services. I am offering you a second opinion before you commit yourself for the long term.  I will offer you an unbiased view to enable you to make an informed decision about the future of your firm and how best to implement an Advisory strategy for your firm.

You will never receive any communication from me after the meeting unless you ask me to.  All advice given is without obligation and completely confidential.

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Building Advisory

We work with Accountancy firms that predominantly work with owner managed businesses, who offer a range of Compliance services for their clients; that want to develop Advisory services to enhance their fees and profitability.

Business owners require a variety of services that assist them in the daily management of their businesses and long term growth, Accountants are well placed to be able to develop services beyond the Compliance requirements that can add real value.

You need to consider and understand where in the business lifecycle your client is at and then tailor your services to them.

Your regulators are encouraging you to build Advisory services in order to remain sustainable and take advantage of the advancement of technology based solutions.

We can work with you to become your clients’ go to adviser for ALL matters relating to business and finance. We can show you how to build Advisory services that can substantially increase your fees and profitability beyond Compliance.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance either on a white label or outsourced basis provides you with a solution that will increase your revenues and profitability substantially and build greater client engagement.

Companies can take up to 3 years to sell and only 1 in 16 are sold within the first 12 months, therefore it is essential that your firm is ready to achieve the best price possible. It is essential that your firm is structured appropriately to attract the right type of buyers.

Owner managed businesses tend to be focused on the micro management of the business, this leads to the business not achieving its full potential at sale.

We can show you how to develop services to enhance the value of your clients’ businesses and make the businesses more attractive to a potential buyer to achieve a higher value.

  • Finance Solutions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • MBO’s & MBI’s
  • Due Diligence
  • Disposal & Exit Strategy
  • Business Valuations
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital

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Growth Hubs for Accountants

We have a clearly defined process and methodology for developing NED opportunities and would like to generate your future pipeline of businesses for advisory services. We have been
involved in creating value for businesses since the 1990’s.

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