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As Professional Advisers you should look to work closely with your clients and create lasting value and responsible growth to make their business fit for tomorrow.  Building Advisory services are unique to each firm, we will keep you up to date.

Our insights provide a fresh perspective on tomorrow for SMEs and Accountants.  Stay ahead of your competition and ensure you are taking advantage of the latest thinking for business strategy and client engagement.

Growth Hubs for Accountants

We have a clearly defined process and methodology for developing NED opportunities and would like to generate your future pipeline of businesses for advisory services. We have been
involved in creating value for businesses since the 1990’s.

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9 Tips – More clients

ccountants can attract their ideal clients by following some easy steps, if done with a specifically targeted strategy; you will attract more profitable work regularly.

1-Plan on Growth

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Accountants – anyone remember the comptometer?

Proactivity is in the actions. According to tax experts CCH, 36% of clients are thinking of leaving their accountants as they are not proactive enough.

Technological change has always been part of the profession, but it used to come along a little more slowly and have less dramatic effects.

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Accountants guide to effective Blogging

Have Fun!

Content Marketing, when done well, is all about creating a flow of fresh, interesting and (above all) regular pipeline of posts on your firm’s website; social media channels and the networks you are developing for new Clients.

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Sophisticated Accountants

Accenture estimates that 80% of the finance and accounting tasks to be automated in the next few years. With Robotic Accounting innovations coming in faster than they can count, some accountants, even those among the best, are afraid for their jobs.

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“Good bye” Compliance Fees

I know compliance is a big concern for you right now. As clients take the plunge and migrate to the cloud, there is no doubt your compliance revenues are going to take a hit. Your focus today, is identifying and evaluating new ways to make up the inescapable deficit. You need to “Wake up and Smell the Coffee”; differentiation must be the key – Technology is here to stay.

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Accountants Way

I was at a Business Expo recently where there were 60+ exhibitors with an estimated 1500+ visitors. I checked the list and decided one of the exhibitors I wanted to speak to was a 7 Partner firm of Accountants. I felt that whilst they were slightly larger than my target firm, I would see how they operated in this environment.

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Accountants Advisory​

Progressive Accountants now more than ever are redefining their services for clients, to adapt to the new norm post COVID-19. They are reviewing all their working practices to ensure that they offer the highest levels of relevant support and service to their clients.

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RWProgressive Insight - The Future of Accountancy

The Future of Accountancy

Progressive Accountancy Firms are primarily focused on developing high levels of Client understanding and engagement, they operate on an advisory basis with their Clients; where they provide added value and no longer compete for diminishing transactional fees.

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So, what is a Progressive Accountancy Firm?

They listen to their clients’ needs and understand their soft facts

They are knowledgeable about their clients’ sector, industry and economic environment

They have sector experts in house

Their clients are managed with a holistic approach and not by individual Partners/Directors

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Client Listening

Open Banking is coming soon, and Banks are beginning to offer your clients free software to enable them to input their financial data into the software. This will allow the Banks to read the transaction history of Personal and Business Current Accounts and initiate payments from those accounts

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Ai – The Future Is Here

The impact of new technology on accounting practices will not be a flash in the pan, but will change organisational structures, culture and client relationships. Let a progressive expert guide you through.

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Accountants guide to Thought Leadership

Thought leadership showcases commercial instinct beyond standard transactional work, and initiates new conversations with clients. 55% of clients say they are operating in a riskier business environment. As a result, they are keen to tap into the wealth of knowledge and insight among professional advisers to get a better steer on the issues, risks and opportunities impacting their business.

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