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Companies that continue to innovate and not stand still together with leveraging both public and private investment create valuable intellectual property and attract higher valuations. By subscribing to our Scale-Up Insights, you’ll be first to find out what you should be doing to stay ahead.

Our insights provide a fresh perspective on tomorrow for SMEs and Accountants.  Stay ahead of your competition and ensure you are taking advantage of the latest thinking for business strategy and client engagement.

Building A Brand

In turn, the brand, and what it represents, should penetrate the DNA of the firm and its culture. It should be integral to the firms marketing, business development and communications strategies.

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What do leaders in professional service firms do? What makes a good CEO/leader? How do they manage alignment? How do you measure the CEO’s success? How does a leader of a professional service firm survive the intense daily demands?

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If you want to eat Turkey,

Don’t hunt among the sparrows.

No, this is not about Xmas (I am the first to mention it though, sorry).

Increasingly, Accountants are facing greater competition; regulation; technology and more demanding Clients. To survive and thrive in this environment, you need to embrace the challenges that you face and differentiate.

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Added Value

Added value is not about just doing a good job. Get it right and it can boost profitability levels and lead to a more loyal client base

In trying to distinguish themselves from the competition, accountancy firms often promise ‘added value’ somewhere in their sales approach.

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Brand Advocates

To stand a chance of adapting to meet future client challenges, Progressive Accountancy Firms have to make a break with the past. Either through design, apathy or happenstance, most organizations look at the world from the inside out.

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Finding a Non Executive Director

Finding a non-executive director for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Below is a checklist approach to identifying, approaching and securing the support of a non-executive
director for your business.

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Thought Leadership

A research-based publication or campaign on a subject of current interest, produced with the aim attracting media coverage, building a firm’s brand and providing opportunities to engage a wider range of external and internal audiences including clients, prospects and colleagues.

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Cohort Marketing

To stand a chance of adapting to meet future client challenges, firms have to take a break with the past. Either through design, apathy or happenstance, most organisations look at the world from the inside out. Prospects are likely to read something if they are recommended to do so by someone within their network.

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Collaborating advisers – do yours?

Running a business is a not a one-person game. We all need support and advice from time to time whether that be accounting and tax support or sales. There is a wealth of advisors available to business and people alike, all with their own slant on why they are different and why you should use them.

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Is Facebook enough?

Accountants tell me that they do marketing and someone in the office deals with their Facebook or other such social media activity. I ask, Is that attracting the type of clients that you genuinely want?

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Non-Executive Director

Progressive Accountants and Lawyers recommend to growing businesses that they should all have a Non-Executive Director on board to accelerate growth. A growing client, therefore higher fees.

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