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Business Owners and Accountants book a call to discuss your current situation and your objectives for the future. Whatever you do will have a substantial impact on your financial well being and sustainability, I am here to ensure you have considered your options and help you with the best way forward.

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I have set aside time to assist Business Owners and Accountants to develop their strategies or to talk through problems you may be having but don’t know who to ask or how to solve a business related problem.  You may just want an alternative view.

Business Owners or Accountants

Ask me about how to develop your growth, new services, diversification, acquisition, financing or exit strategy and if what you are considering will work for you without wasting valuable time and money by getting an experienced independent view.

Get an unbiased view

I am offering you a second opinion before you commit yourself for the long term.  I will offer you an unbiased view to enable you to make an informed decision about the future of your business or firm.

You will never receive any communication from me after the meeting unless you ask me to.  All advice given is without obligation and completely confidential.

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Jayesh Patel RWProgressive Director


“I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals, I help and guide them along the way”​

Jayesh P. Patel MBA, FinstSMM


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Progressive Advisory Board

The Progressive Advisory Board is by invitation only and it represents a forum where our most strategic partners can share and explore strategies that drive growth, discuss challenges for business and enable affiliates to benefit from business opportunities.  


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