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Business Strategy to achieve your Company's Vision

We take SMEs from 6 figures to 8 figures in 10 years and work with businesses that are embarking on a change in the organisation for growth, retirement; succession; preparing for a sale; looking for investment through Private Equity or Venture Capital; Financing; acquiring another business; merging or restructuring. 

Businesses are at varying different stages of development and therefore we provide services that best suit you and your business needs to develop strategies to enable optimum results.  

Non Executive Director for those that want to significantly grow their businesses and be held accountable and to develop strategies for growth.  We will sit on the Board and challenge the Directors on all areas of the business development. We will put measures in place to drive performance, accelerate profitability and achieve sustainable growth along with the Directors.  This will create real value for the owners if they wish to sell. 

Executive Coaching for those that want to develop their business themselves but want the security to be able to discuss and develop strategies for the growth and development of their business, with highly experienced advisers.  

Business Advice - The Business Strategist

Call or virtual meeting

Business Owners book a call to discuss your current situation and your objectives for the future. Whatever you do will have a substantial impact on your financial well being and sustainability, I am here to ensure you have considered your options and help you with the best way forward.

Any Day

I have set aside time to assist business owners to develop their strategies or to talk through issues they may be having in their business but don’t know who to ask or how to solve a business related problem.

Any business related questions

Ask me how to develop a growth, diversification, acquisition or exit strategy and if what you are considering will work for you without wasting valuable time and money by getting an experienced independent view.

Get an unbiased view

You will already have people who advise you on financial matters, however I am offering you a second opinion before you commit yourself for the long term.  I will offer you an unbiased view to enable you to make an informed decision about the future of your business.

You will never receive any communication from me after the meeting unless you ask me to.  All advice given is without obligation and completely confidential.

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Non Executive Director

We work with business owners who genuinely want to grow their business for value creation. We help you to identify key drivers that will enable the business to scale up. As the Company develops through its lifecycle you will need help in structuring to enable growth by planning through diversification, restructuring or aligning the business with a range of strategies for future growth.

We will hold the executive team to account; guide; challenge and support them by
ensuring there is a diverse group of people on the board (as needed) with different
backgrounds and experience. This will allow us to formulate growth Strategies and drive performance through financial and activity based KPIs to accelerate performance and value.

Business owners need help in being able to work on their business rather than working in their business; to enable real growth and value. A Non Executive Director can help them to put measures in place to drive performance, accelerate profitability and sustainable growth.

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Plans
  • Management Information
  • KPI Development
  • Business Process Review
  • Budget Setting
  • Management
  • Organisational Review
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Training and Developmen
  • Board Meeting Management
  • Business Strategy 
  • Financial Modelling
  • Management Buy-outs/ins
  • Social Media Strategy

What stage is your business?

In order to know what you need, it is important for Business Owners first to understand what stage your business is at. See below to understand what you should be considering in order to build a profitable, successful, sustainable and valuable business. 

Executive Coaching

We provide customised 1 to 1 coaching for Business leaders that can transform their business performance, profitability and sustainability. By helping leaders build greater awareness of their impact and improving the way they lead their businesses.

We help you to develop growth strategies, Organisational structure development, operational and daily management efficiencies, marketing strategy development, diversification, acquisition or exit strategy.

During an initial complimentary meeting we will explore and clarify your needs, the organisation’s context and business challenges, priorities and aspirations.

We will deliver a series of 6 – 12 sessions, typically on a monthly basis to allow for embedding ideas and processes. There may be some pre and post session work tailored to your requirements. We back up the coaching with personal access for advice and guidance throughout the entire time we are engaged.

Coaching sessions are delivered either face to face or Virtually. We will provide tools and resources where necessary to aid learning and track your progress to ensure ongoing improvement.

Benefits of being a Partner


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Added Value

Added value is not about just doing a good job. Get it right and it can boost profitability levels and lead to a more loyal client base

In trying to distinguish themselves from the competition, accountancy firms often promise ‘added value’ somewhere in their sales approach.

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Non-Executive Director

Progressive Accountants and Lawyers recommend to growing businesses that they should all have a Non-Executive Director on board to accelerate growth. A growing client, therefore higher fees.

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What are your strategic objectives?


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