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Corporate Governance is key for SMEs

We work with business owners who genuinely want to grow their business for value creation. We help you to identify key drivers that will enable the business to scale up. As the Company develops through its lifecycle you will need help in structuring to enable growth by planning through diversification, restructuring or aligning the business with a range of strategies for future growth.

We will hold the executive team to account; guide; challenge and support them by
ensuring there is a diverse group of people on the board (as needed) with different
backgrounds and experience. This will allow us to formulate growth Strategies and drive performance through financial and activity based KPIs to accelerate performance and value.

Business owners need help in being able to work on their business rather than working in their business; to enable real growth and value. A Non Executive Director can help them to put measures in place to drive performance, accelerate profitability and sustainable growth.

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Plans
  • Management Information
  • KPI Development
  • Business Process Review
  • Budget Setting
  • Management
  • Organisational Review
  • Cultural Audit
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • Training and Development
  • Board Meeting Management
  • Business Strategy 
  • Financial Modelling
  • Management Buy-outs/ins
  • Social Media Strategy 

What stage is your business?

In order to know what you need, it is important for Business Owners first to understand what stage your business is at. See below to understand what you should be considering in order to build a profitable, successful, sustainable and valuable business. 

We will work with you to create a robust Business Plan and Cash Flow forecast together with a Marketing Strategy for success to develop your competitive advantage. In addition we can help you with developing the right Organisational Structure and if needed, advise on initial financing requirements. 

The creation of an effective Board structure and reporting together with clearly identified roles and responsibility are very important to establish from the outset. In addition all Directors must be held accountable for their areas of responsibility. Results need to be reviewed on a regular basis and ensure that appropriate action is taken to achieve the planned objectives. 

It is important to ensure the business is set up for maximum value to enable the owners to exit at a later time with the highest price. This will ensure the time spent by the business owner is optimised and effective as possible to generate profits and growth.

As your business grows it is important to document your processes and procedures to ensure your business is efficient and effective as possible. This will enable you to be more Strategic in the development of your business. People Management and development is highly important for successful businesses, we can assist you in creating a Culture of winning teams. 

Too often we see all decisions are made by the business owner and as such processes and procedures are not documented. This limits the growth of the business to a point where it cannot grow any further, except organically. People development is a low priority and where things go wrong, only the owner knows how to fix it. 

Some business owners do not want to go beyond this stage and are happy to run a successful business that provides a lifestyle that suits them. This usually means when the owner comes to sell, they are often disappointed how little their business is worth. Often we hear “I am the business”

Your business is now at a stage where you are fully consumed day to day and little time for planning and developing strategies. Your business may stagnate due to your lack of time. 

We can assist you with your growing requirements by either helping you to develop strategic thinking and aligning your organisational structure for growth. This may mean developing new products and services or by identifying suitable targets for acquisition. Considering your Marketing Strategy and ensuring you are focussed on specific targets to optimise your profitability. 

Processes and procedures may or may not be documented and the owners spend most of their time in their business, rather than on their business. Often many businesses do not go beyond this stage because business owners are not aware of how to. Some are not aware they can make more money if they consider other ways of working.

In order to deliver continuous growth businesses need to diversify to protect market share and to innovate and invest in technology. We can assist this important change to your organisation and advise accordingly. 

Many SMEs take the decision to acquire another business without the appropriate due diligence or strategic planning necessary to ensure long term success and value.

Too often a decision is made as a result of a business connection who wants to sell, who makes an approach to a competitor. The competitor has only made the decision to purchase in the hope that this would enable further growth of their own business. This leads to disappointment for the buyer and proves to be an expensive mistake.

It is highly recommended that you plan for your exit as early as possible, preferably from the outset. Whether it will be through a trade sale; succession or flotation. We can support you in developing your Business Strategy and the sooner this is considered the better in order for you to achieve the outcome you desire. 

Exit planning needs to be considered regularly and reviewed. Ideally if this has not been done then at least 5 years prior to exit is considered to be a reasonable time to plan an effective transition and if you are selling; to attract the best price and the right buyers. 

The time to plan allows you to get the business structured for an exit and enables a potential buyer to see how it can be integrated into their own business easily and add value to theirs. This creates a win-win for both parties and achieves an optimum price for the seller.

Executive Coaching

We provide customised 1 to 1 coaching for Business leaders that can transform their business performance, profitability and sustainability. By helping leaders build greater awareness of their impact and improving the way they lead their businesses 

During an initial complimentary meeting we will explore and clarify your needs, the organisation’s context and business challenges, priorities and aspirations. 

We will deliver a series of 6 – 12 sessions, typically on a monthly basis to allow for embedding ideas and processes. There may be some pre and post session work tailored to your requirements. 

Coaching sessions are delivered either face to face or Virtually. We will provide tools and resources where necessary to aid learning and track your progress to ensure ongoing improvement. 

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