Business Acquisition

Acquisition: Food Machinery Manufacturer Wanted

Location:Europe, USA and Japan
Our Ref : FM00218TX

Ravens Wood Corporate are delighted to source a
Food Machinery Manufacturer

Business Details

  • Reason for acquisition:                   Expansion 
  • Price Range:                                      Negotiable
  • Location :                                           Europe,Australia, Latin America or a company with sales channels to USA

Business Characteristics

  • Manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the food production industry. 
  • The company shall be able to manufacture automation equipment and complete automatic production line. 
  • The products can solve key problems in the production process of some foods.
  • The company should have an establish brand with unique technology
  • The company should be well-regarded within the industry.
  • Number of employees: c. 50-100.
  • A money-losing company is acceptable if the desirable technology can be acquired. 
  • An insolvent target is unacceptable

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