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Refinance your existing business borrowing on better terms

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Small business loans from £5,000 to £5,000 000.

Whether you took out a loan to start your own business, or you need emergency cash, refinancing of existing borrowings is a great option. Ravens Wood Capital can find you better terms for business loans you have previously taken out.

Reduce your monthly repayments and lower your interest rates. If you struggled with accessing the lowest interest rates and longest repayment terms in the past, refinancing with a new lender could save you money, or align the repayment terms with your current levels of trading.

Reconstruct your debt today!

How to apply - 3 easy steps

1) Register your details on this website

2) Complete brief details about your business

3) Click submit 

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Who is it for?

Refinancing existing business loans is a good option for all businesses that are struggling with their current terms for their loans. 

When businesses take out loans the rates are based on the financial terms and trading patterns of the company at the moment of taking out the loan. However, businesses change and you might qualify for better, alternative terms. If your business has grown, or your credit report has improved you could benefit from business loan refinancing.

You can also use refinancing to consolidate the debts into one easy to manage payment.

Consolidate your business loans, apply today!

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