Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

You provide Technical Excellence, but What about Your Clients’ Expectations?

Secure your next big audit client by developing your in-house capability, consider the following:

  • Today clients are going further and many want their advisers to anticipate and deliver full-service, commercial solutions to meet their changing needs.
  • Advisers need to go the extra mile to anticipate, understand and deliver commercial solutions to their clients.
  • Clients want relationships with their advisers that cover all points – technical excellence, service provision and client experience – not just a narrow set defined by the firm’s technical disciplines.  They are looking for a partner that cares about business outcomes as much as they do.
  • Most firms are now finding that a blend of skills and experiences is needed to progress the development of client relationships.
  • The more advanced firms will offer the opportunity to marketers to become complete client champion – the voice of the client – helping to shape and deliver the client solution and experience.
  • Marketing and business development professionals.  They are individuals and teams working alongside the current and future leadership of the business to design and drive successful client strategies.
  • Match the changing requirements of your clients and the corresponding opportunities for your firm

So, what about the coffee.

Arrange a meeting with me to discuss how I can assist you and your colleagues to grow your firm using similar techniques to the growing firms and build your revenues.

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