Making your business attractive to others

Buyers are usually interested in businesses that can demonstrate a growth record and the potential for future growth. Sometimes they may purchase for tactical reasons. In this article we consider the growth record for acquiring.

In order to achieve a good-price it is essential that we can demonstrate a growing business and that can show how increasing revenues can be earned by the new owner. We would prepare an Information Memorandum to reflect to potential buyers how your business has a growth track record and the benefits of future growth.

It is important to ensure that the message of continued growth is promoted through all your communication channels, such as PR, social media, website, brochures etc. Continuing to win clients from competitors is the best way and promoting your successes through case studies.  This will help us to find potential buyers for your business and to demonstrate a viable acquisition.

We will approach those that we consider that will pay the highest price for your business. Getting your financial records in order long before you consider selling.  The business needs to be able to demonstrate a track record of sustained growth over a period.  Making cosmetic changes will be picked up during due diligence, therefore we advise you to plan well ahead of time to secure the best price.

Consider for instance

  • Leasing rather than purchasing

    This will show a potential buyer that you are committed to the long term and you will not be sinking large amounts of money in an outright purchase.

  • Ensure you have all relevant paperwork to hand

    Relating to plant & machinery, health & safety certificates, leases, finance arrangements, client contracts, employee matters etc


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