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Running a business is a not a one-person game. We all need support and advice from time to time whether that be accounting and tax support or sales. There is a wealth of advisors available to business and people alike, all with their own slant on why they are different and why you should use them.

How many advisers do you have? Clients of Ravens Wood Capital have a multitude of advisers each with their own specialisms and I know they are not alone. But, how many of your advisers will work together with each other? Do you think its important?

We believe it is an important part of our role as funding consultants/business finance advisers to work with your other advisers to ensure we have a rounded picture and to reduce the burden on the business owner of having to repeat things. It also helps us get an insight into the thoughts of other professionals working with our clients, being a funding consultancy is not a single adviser game either. It’s about ensuring that our clients (you) have the best possible solution for funding your business.

We are not advocating that all of your advisers get a room and chat about you, costing you £x for a talking shop, more looking at who would benefit from working together. For example, we work with Accountants as referral partners because they produce your numbers to meet your legal obligations and may have access to all of the information we require to complete and package your funding application, taking away the need for you to be involved for that part of the process.

We also work well with wealth advisers, as they can have access to other forms of funding through your pension that we can not access.

Next time you have cause to speak with one of your advisers ask them who they collaborate with and if the answer is no-one you should consider whether they are truly offering you the best advice you need.

If you are an adviser, think about how you could work with other advisers to your clients. You could always give us a call and see how we can work together.

Ravens Wood Capital, a funding advisory who knows the power of collaboration and how it will help you finance your business.

Relationship led finance.


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