Is Facebook Enough?


Accountants tell me that they do marketing and someone in the office deals with their Facebook or other such social media activity.  I ask, Is that attracting the type of clients that you genuinely want?

 I feel that some Accountants are ticking a box when looking at their marketing activity because at their recent CPD event, the professional body that they belong to was promoting that they should. 

 Whilst Social Media activity is important and should form a part of your overall marketing strategy, it should be properly targeted towards a specific audience and yield the category “A” clients that you should be working with.

Accountants who have a clearly defined marketing strategy are attracting the category “A” clients that they want to work with and are highly profitable. 

They are building advisory services that go beyond the usual transactional work and are growing their firms beyond those that do not formulate clear and concise strategies.

A key trait of these firms is that they realise that all their staff are advocates of their marketing activity and there is a multi-disciplinary approach that is the responsibility of all and not someone in the office.

Progressive Accountancy Firms have a very clear understanding of the skill set required to undertake marketing strategy effectively; they get full value for their marketing spend; they have a clearly defined profile of who they want to attract and marketing is an everyday activity.

Progressive Expert Comment

When you are ill you go to your Doctor, when you have a leaky tap, you call a Plumber.  When there is so much change in the Accounting world and there are greater influences on your clients that will affect your long-term future, call a Marketing Strategist; after all you wouldn’t try and do your own brain surgery. 

Build a fully integrated Marketing Strategy that will assist you in attracting the type of clients you really want and that you can add value to.  Your fee income from category “A” clients will rise and you will form a greater understanding of your clients’ objectives and needs. You will really begin to be “Business Adviser” as your title says.


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