High Growth Businesses & Scale Ups

The Progressive Academy is specifically for High Growth Businesses and Scale-Ups who turnover between £1m – £3m and want to grow or have the potential to; this can include Start
Our Workshops are delivered by industry practitioners with a proven track record of delivering
tangible results for growth companies. We offer 6 half day Workshops combined with individual
Coaching for Directors and business owners during the course.
The workshops are highly intensive and are designed to help SMEs to create a significantly
accelerated growth plan supported by tailored Coaching for their needs to enable sustainable

We don’t just show you how, we help you to implement. We cover the following aspects:
● Business Planning
● Marketing Strategy
● Organisational Structure for Growth
● People – Culture, Performance & Leadership
● Funding for Growth
● Processes
We will provide an additional 3 hours of 1 to 1 coaching after the course without charge to
supplement the learning.

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