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Content Marketing, when done well, is all about creating a flow of fresh, interesting and (above all) regular pipeline of posts on your firm’s website; social media channels and the networks you are developing for new Clients.

A regular flow of Ideas

Write yourself a Post-it note, record a voice memo into your phone, or use a cloud tool like Google docs on your phone or tablet to jot down some quick notes and ideas. And do it the second you have the chance. With this library of blog posts ideas in place, you’ve got the foundations for a content plan – and the starting point for actually writing your first post.

As an absolute bare minimum, you want to be posting something on your blog twice a month, preferably once a week.

A good story

Rather than focusing on facts and figures, think about sharing a story of how you’ve helped a client. Talk about the problem they came to you with, how you worked with them to overcome their financial or business issues.


Think about the topic, idea or helpful tip you want to write about and come up with your title first. The title will define the question you’re answering, the concept you’re going to cover or the news you’re going to share.

Make it real

Most entrepreneurs, owner-managers, managing directors and CEOs are just not interested in the drilled-down technical aspects of an accounting solution. What they want is answers and actions.

Talk about the potential impact, put it into a real-world context for business owners and then explain as simple and clearly as possible how they can overcome the potential hurdle.

Original Content

Regular content helps your search engine optimisation (SEO), gets you higher up the Google results page and gets more people reading your blog. And the better your SEO, and the bigger your audience, the more impact your blogging is going to have for you and the firm.

Occasionally drop the Professional mask

Your blog doesn’t have to be ALL about work, business and finance. Opening up and sharing a little personal information about yourself is a great way to help clients engage with you and get to know you more.

Blog length

Consider the topic

Use the right keywords and search terms

Make it readable as possible

A guide to word count would be 400 – 600.  Any more and you will lose the audience.

Create your own style and approach using these guidelines; they’re a great foundation to start from and remember to have fun.

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