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Progressive Accountants now more than ever are redefining their services for clients, to adapt to the new norm post COVID-19.  They are reviewing all their working practices to ensure that they offer the highest levels of relevant support and service to their clients.

Services need to be much more in line with how business works and a lot less how Accountants work.  If you are still offering Year End Accounts, VAT, Payroll, Tax Returns etc; then you have misunderstood your clients’ needs now.  It is no longer sufficient to provide compliance services only and ignore the business needs of your clients.

You need to consider and understand where in the lifecycle of a business, your client is at and then tailor your services to them. The time for change in the Accounting world is now, you need to become their go to adviser for ALL matters relating to business and financial matters.  Your aim should be to never lose an opportunity to work with your clients.

The Opportunity

COVID-19 represents an opportunity to both you and your clients.  Your clients are already beginning to take up services that you should be offering and advising on. You should be offering tailored advice and services that will assist your clients to succeed and for you to grow substantial fees beyond the compliance fees.

Accountancy is at a crossroads in its development and those that adapt now, will be the ones to prosper in the longer term.  All of my NED clients are in a growth cycle and have continued to do business by adapting in this challenging time.  

None of my clients have reduced their forecasts for 2020/21 and all are on target or ahead of their agreed business plans.  How many of your clients can say the same?

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