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Accountants can attract their ideal clients by following some easy steps, if done with a specifically targeted strategy; you will attract more profitable work regularly.

1-Plan on Growth

Identify some specific sectors then determine your Strategy by linking it to measurable outcomes.

2- Know your Market

Understand your environment by reviewing your competitors.  Differentiate your offering.

3- Analyse your existing Clientbase

Conduct a Client Listening Program, segment your client base.  Look for cross selling opportunities and engage ALL of your team.

4- Put yourself out there

Networking effectively in the correct environments with specific objectives.  Then ensure you follow up

5- Target your Marketing

Utilise technology and be aware of what your target market wants from a Professional Service Firm.  Establish their geography, industry/sector, buying patterns, what their needs are, pricing, services etc

6- Sell Yourself

Clients have greater choice and are more knowledgeable than ever.  Ask good open questions and then listen, the clues to your next big client will be there.

7- Diversity

Build on existing services with complimentary services.  Focus on your ideal clients and sectors you are familiar with.  Provide real Business Advice and not related only to tax affairs.

8- Open up New markets

Innovate and build a closer working relationship with your clients, don’t just pay lip service to it.  The rewards of doing this are high.

9- E-Commerce

Experiment with multiple methods to attract your future clients, engage regularly and do not be afraid to offer an opinion on current issues.  Keep your content in layman’s terms, avoid technical content.

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